Application Development

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Web Applications

We use modern web frameworks to build fast, reliable and secure web applications. Our expert team of UI/UX designers translates your initial concepts and ideas into wireframes through multiple iterations. Our developers transform these wireframes into a fully functional, production ready web application that will awe your customers.



We develop microservices using the latest frameworks and in addition to its core functionality, we ensure that they are secure, well tested, self-aware, easily deployable, scalable and available in your favorite cloud. Although we are language agnostic, we have settled with Java, NodeJS, Python & GO programming languages to build microservices.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Our in house team of cloud experts can take up any cloud projects. Be it developing a completely automated cloud deployment solution or plug in any cloud service with your application. We believe in "infrastructure as code" philosophy, so creating new environments or even switching cloud providers is seamless. We have worked with all leading cloud providers to migrate our customer's on premise infrastructure to cloud.

Mobile Services

Mobile Services🔍

Customers love to be on the go when it comes to consuming information and doing quick transactions. For this reason, mobile apps are growing and is a unique USP for your brand. Our team of experts closely works with you to understand your idea and design the entire mobile app through multiple iterations. Our developers convert these designs into a sophisticated mobile app. Be it Android or iOS, Native or Hybrid, we have got it covered.


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Automation is need of the hour and is omnipresent in the software industry. Our automation services include automating your tests, deployments, scaling up in the cloud and even monitoring your application so that you know all issues before your customers know/report it. We believe in not doing repetitive, mundane tasks and we take every effort to automate even the smallest task possible. Every software piece we deliver is automated end to end using well known CI/CD frameworks which gives complete visibility into what is going on.